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There’s a new way to own a second home abroad :

live in it like in a luxury hotel.


A million and one things to do and no time to do them? If you are swamped by tasks you haven't got the time to organise or just don't want to do, we can help.


Whether it's finding a new house, arranging social events or handling home repairs, Welldone gives you the freedom to enjoy your life.

We offer flexible services for businesses and individuals. Simply hand us your 'to-do' list and we'll take over, whatever the size or nature of the job. 

Property Key Holding and Security


Keys to the properties are safely guarded on our premises and are made available to owners or guests.


Our team is able to provide the best advices on security matters for your properties : security audit, residential security officers etc.

Property Key Holding and Security



The property schedule and needs are closely followed.  All mail will be collected and distributed or dealt with weekly.


Bills will be paid for immediately by Welldone (up to a certain amount to be determined by the owner), recorded, scanned and billed to the owner at the beginning of every month.


There will be a monthly report detailing everything regarding the property.


Our team can take care of the general organization, updating and payment of all household accounts, bills, taxes and legal and insurance documents.

Property Maintenance

Property maintenance


Any necessary repairs found during inspection or signalled by a guest will be taken care of right away. A Welldone representative will be present to supervise any work carried out.


The owner will benefit from the negotiated rates of Welldone’s service providers. The owner will afford Welldone the license to organise and go through with all necessary repairs up to a certain level of cost, as to be determined by the owner with a complete transparency.


Every repair/renovation project is submitted for estimate to at least 2 different suppliers.

Property Housekeeping

Property Housekeeping


Welldone will organise the housekeeping of the property either on a regular basis or contingent on the client’s arrival and departure (to be determined by the owner).


The cleaning carried out will be billed in addition to the monthly subscription cost.


Our team makes sure that pre qualified, trusted cleaners are employed directly by Welldone.

Physical Presence, Meet & Greet


A Welldone representative will be physically present at the property a minimum of four times per month. These visits can include mail pick-up, house inspection, Meet and Greet (a formal meeting of the owner/guest and showing of the property), key delivery, and/or work supervision. With minimal advance warning, a Welldone representative will be available every day of the week, including holidays.


Any additional desired or necessary visits will be billed at the beginning of every month.

Physical Presence, Meet & Greet
Concierge Services

Concierge Services


Owners and guests will be able to contact Welldone for anything at all. We will do our best to completely satisfy the clients’ needs and give them access to the unobtainable. Standard services such as taxi or restaurant reservations, private chef, advice about going-out or information about social and cultural events will be graciously and professionally provided and is included in the monthly subscription.


Like in any five star establishment, any desired products or services with separate, external costs (i.e. private chauffeur, tickets to the opera, etc…) will be billed separately to the client.

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