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Home management


Welldone is a licensed property management company and home concierge service based in Paris, specialised in luxury Paris properties. We also have the license entitling us to conduct Housing and Business Premises Transactions.


With more than 16 years' experience- we provide a complete range of services for second home owners.



With our expertise, a wealth of experience and unique supplier relationships, Welldone provides an easy and full assistance to your specific requirements for both occupied and vacant properties ensuring owners have permanent access to at least one point of contact.



Direct Contact


A direct phone line and email address will be provided to the owners and guests where a tri-lingual (French, English, Arab) manager will warmly and professionally respond to all inquiries and needs.


Any emergencies will be immediately dealt with to the best discretion of the Welldone representative.


We assign each member with their own dedicated manager.


Direct contact
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